Why Join Yes You Can Speak?

Most speaking programs have an outside-in approach, which will never permanently shift the fear response in your brain. On the other hand, the Yes You Can Speak method is an inside-out approach, which uncovers and releases triggering past experiences, limiting beliefs and behaviors that sabotage you. We then help you to reprogram your nervous system so that being in the spotlight and speaking well becomes second nature.

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Must I speak in the training?

You will never be forced to speak if you don’t want to. We pride ourselves on creating a super safe and supportive environment so that you will actually want to participate as you are building your courage and natural presence. You can’t fail here and we will be by your side every step of the way so you cross the finish line with a confident smile.

Why Not Join Toastmasters Instead?

Toastmasters is a fantastic organization that gives you a place to practice public speaking. They will teach you how to structure and memorize a speech. But if you've got a lot of fear, it may take years and years to feel comfortable. Once you have a strong foundation and get past your fear, Toastmasters is a fantastic place to practice.

For more info, see our Pros & Cons of Toastmasters page.

How is Yes You Can Speak different from other public speaking programs?

We employ a strategic step-by-step system that uses neuroscience to release patterns in your brain that cause stage fright.

Most speaking programs use an outside-in approach, which we believe will never permanently shift the fear response in your brain, body, or nervous system. These programs focus on critiquing you in front of the group, reinforcing the feeling that people will always judge you. So we don't do that, and direct our attention instead to building on your strengths. The Yes You Can Speak method is an inside-out approach that uncovers and releases triggering past experiences, limiting beliefs, and sabotaging behaviors. Since research indicates that 90 percent of human behavior is subconscious, this part is essential because if you don't address it, the patterns of staying quiet or having continual self-doubt may never go away.

We then help you to reprogram your nervous system so that being in the spotlight and speaking well becomes second nature. Powerful meditative and experiential exercises will help you to access your inner wisdom, tap into your purpose and illuminate who you are meant to be in the world.

How are the Level I and Level II group trainings structured?

Both the Level I and Level II trainings are online and four weeks each. Class meets for 3 ½ hours once a week, during which you will have multiple positive experiences in front of small groups. The curriculum includes meditations, self-reflection, and lots of ways to build your resilience, let go of the jitters and step into your authority and your heart.

You'll have unlimited access to Lynn so that you are sure to get the results - plus a huge bonus of warmth and support from the community between sessions to reinforce the teachings and keep reigniting your light.

Are you going to teach me how to make presentation slides and structure talks?

We do not teach how to create slides or structure talks because you can look all that up online for free. Instead we focus on your inner transformation, period.

Being able to speak without fear is our promise, no matter who is in your audience.

Most of my presentations are virtual. Will this workshop be helpful?

The Inspired Speaker Program is live and interactive, online. Lynn will teach you exactly how to be your best self online so you will consistently impact any audience, big or small. You will have several opportunities in class each week to practice and refine your skills.

Most of my presentations are in-person versus online. Will this workshop be helpful?

Yes, the transformation that you will have through this training will impact your communication skills no matter where you are. Lynn will even share with you exactly what she teaches her TEDx students so they rivet their audiences every time.

Are your results guaranteed?

Yes, our results have a 100% money-back guarantee for those who complete all three parts of the Inspired Speaker Program.

Over the past 15 years, we've worked with over 4,500 individuals and have a 98% success rate, so if you're not completely satisfied, we will refund every penny of your investment.

How do you get proven results?

Over the past 15 years, we've worked with over 4,500 individuals, employing a strategic step-by-step system that uses neuroscience to release the patterns in your brain that cause stage fright.

Together, we identify the root cause of what is creating your fear and release it once and for all. This is through our signature 3-part program, weaving both group and individual training sessions to assure a complete transformation. We have a 98 percent success rate.

What can I expect by completing the Inspired Speaker training?

You will see yourself in a much bigger context than the box you may be experiencing now - without the insecurities and self-doubt that have held you back.

And the truth is, once you feel safe to be seen and heard, you can move forward with a greater sense of self-expression, and your words will flow with power and ease.

When you speak in the Yes You Can Speak trainings, you will receive reflections from the group that reveal the biggest, brightest parts of you that you could not have seen in yourself. This positive support ignites your true potential so you can step into possibilities and opportunities far beyond what you experienced in the past.

What is included in the 3-part Inspired Speaker Program?

CORE Repatterning™, Level I and Level II

CORE Repatterning™- Four customized, private 90-minute breakthrough sessions to identify and release painful memories of the past, trauma, and self-sabotaging patterns that have prevented you from speaking or relating well with others.

Level I - Irresistible Public Speaking is a 4-week online group training that will enable you to feel comfortable in your skin and speak with ease when all eyes are on you.

Level II - Inspired Speaking and Leadership is a 4-week group training where you master impromptu speaking and step into your brilliance and authenticity. This immersion will guarantee your success as a confident, poised, connected speaker and leader.

Would it make more sense to work privately with a public speaking coach instead of taking a group program?

Working in smaller group "breakout" sessions with Lynn or another speaking coach is an option. However, if you are afraid of speaking publicly, the class environment provides the space for you to break the habit of feeling like your audience is judging you by being in a group and having many eyes on you.

Personal attention is also vital for becoming the most confident and influential speaker and leader you can be. That's why our group trainings include working with Lynn or one of our sought-after Yes You Can Speak coaches during each class session, supporting you in moving quickly from fear to feeling confident and self-assured.

Is this program enough, or will I need more training?

Typically graduates of the Inspired Speaker Program feel fully prepared to speak online or in person to any sort of audience. However, if you’ve got a big engagement, you can work privately with Lynn to craft an amazing talk and hone your delivery.

How are the private CORE Repatterning sessions structured?

You will receive four private and confidential CORE Repatterning sessions via Zoom video conference. Your first session will be 90 minutes to two hours long, and you will identify the root causes of why you struggle with communication.

All subsequent sessions are 90-minutes each, during which you will be guided to release the emotional charge related to past painful or traumatic events. Typically, these emotional experiences - even if unconscious - are why you feel afraid of being in the spotlight, either personally or professionally.

The CORE process helps you to both identify and release the charge that creates nervous tension and other self-sabotaging behaviors.

How much do you fear public speaking?

➤I freeze up, panic, shake, sweat, and freak out. It’s utterly terrifying - my worst nightmare. I’m not someone who should be asked to be in the spotlight. In meetings and social situations, I’m quiet and can’t make myself join the conversation or share my views; I end up feeling invisible and I hate that.

➤ I dread it and strongly dislike public speaking, and avoid it whenever possible. I go blank, ramble, mumble, look and sound stupid, and then I’m disappointed in how I sounded and I stress out worrying about what the audience thought of me. It’s deeply embarrassing.

➤ I get nervous before I speak and then I’m pretty good once I begin. I’d like to become more confident and effective as a speaker - someone who’s more polished and can inspire an audience, and be an influencer.

➤ I may have issues, but public speaking isn’t one of them - it’s fun to speak and to connect with an audience! I’m the first one to volunteer to give a talk. I’d love to learn how to take it to the next level and develop my leadership presence and ability to get my audience on board with my message every time, and get more visibility in my industry and community - I have big ideas and a vision for how we can make the world better.

Which type of training is best for me?


Dale Carnegie - Renowned for developing people skills: Effective communication, leadership, visibility, teambuilding, influence, achieving goals, driving change and continuous improvement.

Corporate public speaking classes - Great for learning how to structure the content and visuals in your business presentations to help you communicate clearly, convey your credibility, and persuade your audience to take the action you want them to take as the result of your talk.

Public speaking coaches - Excel at personalized assessments and recommendations to learn, practice and polish delivery techniques like gestures, body language, vocal projection, energy level, audience interaction, appearance, movement on stage, handling interruptions.

Inspired Speaker Program - Helps people who are deeply afraid, connection, leadership presence, impromptu speaking

YYCS Mastery Program – develop a full talk for work

If you are ready to break through barriers and bring out the best and brightest version of yourself, join us!

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