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                    Let’s Bring Voice to Your Team –
Specifically Tailored for Introverts with Great Ideas


Yes, You Can Speak offers a unique, wildly effective approach guaranteed to:


  • Ignite confidence and clear communication, creating powerful individuals and rock solid teams who know how to advance your corporate mission and build business.
  • Participants will access their unique voice, garner trust both internally and externally, express ideas and tell stories with clarity.
  • Cultivate and enhance leadership skills that influence.
  • Create a solid foundation for introverts with great ideas who may have difficulty speaking up. Engineers and other more quiet, reserved types leave this training feeling courageous and more comfortable in the spotlight.


 Students Will Be Excited with a resounding “YES, I CAN SPEAK!”  Feeling Ignited, confident and ready to share a unique message during important meetings, sales presentations or public stages.


Yes, You Can Speak! provides an empowering and interactive experience for your team, with a one of a kind approach created by Lynn Kirkham, Founder. Since 2007, Lynn and her team have uplifted and inspired corporate executives, high-tech CEO’s, solo entrepreneurs and underserved women. Serving executives from Google, Facebook, Visa, Oracle, SAP, AAA, Singularity University, TEDx Berkeley and many others.


Lynn’s secret sauce is in her exceptional ability to see people in ways they’ve never been seen before, so they can show up in ways they had only dreamed they could. 


Corporate Offerings 


We design curriculum for corporations from 1/2-day to four-day in-depth speaking and leadership programs.

Whether you’re looking for one-on-one coaching, team building, or up leveling your employee’s presentation skills to promote confidence, growth, increased sales and improved communication, Yes, You Can Speak! has a solution.

Tap on the topics below for detailed information about how Yes, You Can Speak! can uplift your team’s performance. Contact us to customize a program for your company.

The Team Building Experience
Speaking to Influence – Level I Training 
Advanced Public Speaking and Authentic Leadership – Level II Training
Private One-on-One Coaching: polish talks, or remove the blocks that get in the way of your speaking genius 


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