One of a Kind Training

What Makes Us Unique?

In the Yes, You Can Speak! group programs, we only look for what you’re doing right.

Honestly, Yes, You Can Speak! is unlike anything on the planet. The classes are so much more than public speaking training. They align you with your innate power and wisdom so that you feel confident and connected to the highest version of yourself and to those around you.

We create the warmest, most connected, and absolute safest space for you, even if you experience paralyzing stage fright. You will feel accepted, supported, and celebrated for the progress you make, every time. It’s almost impossible to make big strides in the art of public speaking on your own, but with an uber-supportive community, there’s nothing you can’t overcome with us. Within minutes, each group becomes a true tribe. Everyone uplifts one another inside and outside of class. Many become lifelong friends.

Learn to Speak to Peers and GroupsYes, You Can Speak! is different from mainstream programs because most look for what you’re doing wrong, and many even count how many “ums” you say. I can’t stress this enough: What you focus on increases. Research shows that if you’re put in the spotlight and critiqued, and experience a high level of anxiety or stress, these feelings can easily get locked into your body and can be very difficult to shake. Since our minds are pretty much programmed to look for what’s wrong, we remember how we failed, and we’ll oftentimes repeat the same mistake again and again. Many simply declare that they just don’t have the ability to speak well and never try again. Sadly this is especially true for women.

In the Yes, You Can Speak! group programs, we only look for what you’re doing right. It’s a fact that people grow exponentially when celebrated, so that’s exactly what we do. When we celebrate everything you’re doing right, the “ums” and any other less-than-desirable habits vanish almost overnight. And you become more and more confident in who you are. Plus, Lynn is an expert at identifying the core issues holding you back, so together in a private session she will help you release these issues so that expressing authentically is natural.

In traditional programs, it could take years to become a competent speaker or communicator, and even then, many people are still nervous and unsure of themselves. Yet in the Yes, You Can Speak! programs, 98%  go through big shifts and life-altering transformations quickly and easily. Within just a few weeks, participants completely shift out of their pattern of social anxiety or fear of being in the spotlight, and some even go on to speak in front of hundreds of people or even on TV … and love it!

When entrepreneurs sell from the stage, industry standards indicate that on a good day only 20-30% of their audience is converted into clients. Let us show you how to authentically inspire up to 75% of the attendees to say YES! to you, your programs and services.

When you participate, Yes! you will make more money, Yes! you will be regarded as an expert, and Yes! quite possibly your entire life will change in significant ways. Miracles happen every day here, and when you join our tribe chances are you’ll experience one too.

What Happens Here?


What if speaking is your untapped super power?


All too often, people think speaking in public is their biggest weakness, so they dampen their voice and simultaneously dim their light. Once you release the core issue holding you back and access your voice, speaking authentically is your greatest strength. It’s from this place that your leadership qualities blossom and you make a bigger difference in the world. All you need is to unveil the barriers you may be placing between yourself and others to make the gem that you are shine.

Can you imagine how much more money you will earn once you own the impact you’re meant to make?


Personally, this year my income grew by over 600% because I increased my speaking engagements and ability to make a compelling, honest, and deeply resonant offer from stage, and you can too. With my confidence-building coaching, you’ll be able to easily ask for a raise, clearly communicate your value to a potential client, or feel totally empowered when making an offer from stage. When you discover how valuable you really are, a “yes” is created for you and your service, setting boundaries is done with grace, tribes are formed, and movements are made.

Are you not feeling heard or seen, or when you do speak, do people not understand you or your message? 


For many it’s not easy to speak about who they really are and the value they bring. The techniques you’ll learn will enable you to create a compelling presence, shine your light, speak with crystal clarity and focus, and really be heard.

How would your life change if you fully stepped into the brightest, boldest, most brilliant expression of YOU?


Nearly everyone in our community are amazed at how quickly they go from feeling terrified just walking into a networking event, meeting, or large social gathering to owning the room and having the time of their lives speaking to hundreds. What you’ll find is that it’s not only OK to be you, but the world is actually craving for you to be that undeniable presence of YOU, and I teach you how.

How amazing and empowering would it be to speak authentically and make the impact you’re meant to make—without having any script prepared and simply trusting that the words will flow?


It truly is possible to speak powerfully from your heart and make an even bigger impact without reading from a script. Together we’ll get you in touch with your unique voice and the story your audience is anxiously waiting to hear.

The only way you can make the powerful impact you’re meant to make in the world is by being genuinely you, by walking into a room and owning it, and by knowing that who you are and what you have to say are valuable.

If you’re ready for a program that’s all heart and embraces you in an incredibly positive and warm environment that focuses on your true gifts, this may be the very life changing tribe you’ve been looking for.

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