If Frogs Could Talk

I was kayaking the other day and had the best time with the cutest little hitchhiker ever!  We spent about an hour together paddling through the marsh. What struck me was how confident she was. She’d look me right in the eyes and not waver. She hopped to the front of my kayak to point the way and come back as if to say, “good job!”


What she illustrated was that even in a situation that could be overwhelming, her sense of knowing kept her safe. She trusted her gut that taking a ride with me was the right thing to do.


She didn’t let my size or the fact that I was different intimidate her


  • How often are you intimidated by your pre-conceived notions of a situation?
  • How often do you diminish yourself when you feel smaller, less intelligent or capable than someone else?

What would your life look like if you could tap into the place inside that knows you are enough and trust that the best outcome for all will unfold? The truth is that you wouldn’t have been put on this earth if you weren’t enough. You. Are. Enough. When you choose to stand in the knowing that you are enough, situations and circumstances will rise to meet you. It certainly isn’t always easy but form follows thought. When our thoughts are based in fear, negativity or self-doubt, what will appear are circumstances to reinforce the fear, negativity and self-doubt. It a conscious choice that we must make multiple times a day, and when we do we become more self-confident, happier and more successful too.

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