Lynn Kirkham
 – Authentic Leadership and Public Speaking Mentor

happiness-hallLynn Kirkham teaches entrepreneurs, corporate employees and teams how to tap into their unique genius so they can lead, communicate and influence.
She creates magic. Genuine, inspirational and engaging – Lynn enlivens a room and empowers audiences to live bigger, more authentic and empowered lives.

Why You Want to Listen

Lynn shares her secrets on how to break free of doubts and fears, create a magnetic presence, be a beacon for your business and to powerfully connect one-on-one and in front of a crowd.
Lynn’s transformational talks/trainings have helped many find their authentic voice and unique leadership style. Her messages resonate deeply.
Whether leading a workshop, teaching a class, giving a keynote, or radio appearance, Lynn will make every minute engaging, informative and interactive.

Lynn’s Most Sought After Talks


  • Impromptu Speaking Made Easy

Whether you are part of a team meeting or standing in front of a crowd, you must be able to speak at the drop of a hat and get your message across with impact. During this talk you will learn the art and power of connection, overcome your doubt or resistance to speaking at a moment’s notice, and build trust within yourself.

  • Create a Compelling Leadership Presence

Find Your Voice.
Stand Out in the Crowd.
Make an Impact.

Be seen as an expert in your field. Learn what it takes to master the art of public speaking and lead with authentic leadership presence. Your success depends on it.

  • Get Funding Now

You’ve created a revolutionary product or service and now it’s time to pitch it to investors for funding. Learn what it takes to exude leadership presence and build rapport and trust. It’s your time to be seen as an expert and sell your idea.

  • You’re hired! Landing the Job You’ve Always Wanted

It’s true, people hire people they like. Learn exactly what it takes to create rapport with one interviewer or a panel, how to own the room, use body language and tap into your vocal strength. Be looked upon as a leader – confident, centered and focused. You’re hired!

  • JUST LISTED! SOLD! Real Estate Success

There are literally thousands of real estate agents in the Bay Area alone. To secure coveted listings you must stand out in a genuine way and build trust immediately. Learn the keys to communicating with heart and purpose along with tools that get your conscious and subconscious mind to stop the sabotage and instead create success. It’s time to set yourself apart from the sea of other agents and become a top producer once and for all!

What Others Say

“Lynn’s techniques are surprisingly simple, absolutely transformational and intensely powerful. I highly recommend working with her.”
– Marie C., Pacifica, CA
“Lynn creates magic.”
Cynthia S., Redwood City, CA
To book Lynn Kirkham to speak at your next event, please submit your request to: or speak with Lynn directly at: (415) 819-6461

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