Monthly Practice Circle for Graduates

Practice Makes Purrrfect…

and Speaking More Pleasurable!

You’ve been asking, and now we’re doing it! You’ve participated in Level II or the Speak Up! Intensive and know how valuable it is to embody the Yes, You Can Speak! tools. Remember how amazing, connected and confident you felt in class? It requires practice and commitment.

Ah Yes. Practice.

Let’s face it, speaking well requires practice.

Keep your public speaking tools fresh, and take a deeper dive into your authentic voice by joining a periodic monthly practice circle.

  •  Practice speaking from your inspired heart vs. fear.
  • Get practice connecting with “all eyes on you,” and channeling your best self.
  • Get insightful support with hidden blocks, subconscious beliefs, anxiety…
  • Deepen your mind-body-spirit connection with your speaking voice, both professionally and personally.
  • Cultivate a stronger nervous system to experience more pleasure, flow and confidence in your body when you speak
  • Receive accountability support to help you stretch your limits.

Group size 5 to 8 

More dates coming soon!

Contact us to know when the next series begins!

Practice groups are with Yes You Can Speak’s Star facilitator, Klaudeen Shemirani.

Klaudeen is a master at bringing out the pure potential in others as a speaker trainer, spiritual counselor, and relationship coach. Call Klaudeen for more information: 408-712-3879

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