Breakthrough Coaching For Fast, Permanent Change


One on One Private Sessions:


  • From Fear to Clear  – Transformative sessions to identify the root cause of speaking anxiety and shift patterns forever  
  • Own The Room  –  Coaching to guide leaders to craft and deliver a kick-a** presentation that rocks the stage


We Begin Where You Are and End Where You Want to Be.



Lynn and Marisa Nelson

What if you could eliminate the terror you feel when you’re called  to speak at a meeting or in front of a crowd?

Honestly, if you’re in business and are finally ready to blast through that glass ceiling, these breakthrough sessions are the fastest way to remove your blocks so you can move forward and make more money quickly. Period.

Breakthrough coaching with Lynn gets you to the root cause of your emotions that have kept you in disappointing patterns of fear and regret. Together, we will quickly dismantle the underlying emotional triggers that have held you back.

Perhaps you’ve tried Toastmasters, therapy, traditional coaching or seminars and didn’t gain the confidence you were hoping to find. You may have given up hope that anything can actually work for you.

The secret is in identifying and clearing the personal triggers hidden in your subconscious mind for any speaking program to truly work for you long term.

Now is the time to gain more confidence for you to speak up in meetings, close sales conversations, engage in social situations, or perhaps even deliver your next TEDx talk!

Lynn’s personal one on one approach will help you to clear limiting beliefs, release negative past experiences, trauma or emotions, and let go of any part of you that feels that you’re not enough. You will then build on your strengths with powerful tools to instill a confident mindset and a full body experience of success. You will then easily speak from your heart, and give rise to your authentic leadership presence.


 Through This Signature Process, You will:

  • Release the triggers and events that have you playing small
  • Learn to access your inner guidance
  • Know at your core that you are enough
  • Recognize that what you have to say matters
  • Access your power and influence



Craig Friedman and Lynn

I see you for who you really are — The light, the pure potential, the truth.                                                                              


Together, let’s bring out the best version of you.


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There is a 24-hour cancellation requirement. 

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