Introductory Class
Worth: Your Key to Success

This three-hour introductory class will guide you to naturally show up with presence, purpose and learn what it takes to deliver a message that inspires. Discover your worth.

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Irresistible Public Speaking
Level I

It’s true, you are meant to inspire others with what lights you up. Imagine moving audiences of one to thousands because they feel your enthusiasm and heart.

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Advanced Public Speaking
& Inspired Leadership Level II

To be seen as an expert in your field and express your best personal brand it’s essential to master the skills of public speaking and embody an authentic leadership presence.

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Private Coaching

Are you ready to speak up in meetings, close sales conversations, engage in social situations, or write and deliver your next TEDx talk? Perhaps you’ve tried Toastmasters, therapy, coaching or seminars and didn’t gain the confidence you were hoping for. I have the solution.

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Monthly Practice Circle

Let’s face it, speaking well requires practice.  Keep your public speaking tools fresh, and take a deeper dive into your authentic voice by joining a monthly practice circle beginning January 2018.

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Corporate Programs

Authentic communication, trust, and collaboration are elements of a rock solid team. Catapult your team to new levels of success with our authentic leadership training programs.

We provide an empowering and interactive team experience.


Continuing to Speak!

“I attended Lynn’s “Three Keys to Public Speaking Success” last night and I am still feeling the benefits. It flew by because it was so engaging. I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you can, definitely GO! It was grounding, inspiring, and confidence-building.”
– Jacqueline

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