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Lynn KirkhamSpeak to Your Business Related Group

Lynn, you are inspirational and totally motivational! You gave us tools we can use right away! Thank you, I’m excited!  
– Maureen Scott, San Francisco

Thank you Lynn for the exceptional, results oriented presentation. You ignited the entire group and we’re excited to have you back!
Jeanne Krafft, Novato

Lynn, your talk was absolute perfection! You shine!
Nevin Valentine, President, Imago Couples International

Lynn is masterful at inspiring, motivating and empowering people to consciously transform their lives.
– Rod Ramsey, Executive Coach/CEO Search Consortium

Lynn engaged and uplifted our entire organization!
– Susan Shephard

Speak to Your Congregation

Lynn Kirkham has an inspirational message that I believe many people can relate to. I invited her to share her message with my congregation and it was very well received. She is a polished engaging speaker and her story is memorable.
– Rev Bill Englehart, Sr., Minister, Unity In Marin

Lynn is a strong presence, with a very cheerful expression. She speaks from the heart in a direct, engaging and powerful way. She is deeply connected to her truth, and inspires others to make that connection themselves. Her commitment to personal authenticity gives you permission to live your life to its fullest. It is my pleasure to recommend her to you.
– Tom McAuliffe, Financial Consultant and Member of Unity Board of Trustees

Since the times of the early Greeks there have been stories calling us to live a more authentic life. Lynn Kirkham courageously answered her call to walk a deeper, fuller and more honest path. She is a beautiful, articulate, educated and gracious woman who has lived a busy but abundant life in northern California among people whom she loves and is deeply loved in return. How she gathered the courage, resources, physical, emotional and spiritual strength to set off from the shore is a map of great value to our culture as well as to our individual lives. I invite you to witness and deeply experience Lynn’s story. Not only does she have a story well worth sharing, she does so with grace, poise, humor and humility all the while demonstrating the skills and heart of a seasoned speaker.
– Rita McClain, Nine Year member of Unity of Marin Board of Trustees

You spoke to my heart, and answered questions I didn’t even know I was asking myself. You deliver with such grace and intimacy that I felt safe to go within myself. Your words and presence touched us all, deeply.
– Valerie Carpenter, President of Elucidate Inc.

Lynn’s story is greatly inspirational and beautifully delivered. She helps us learn to listen to inner guidance, TRUST it and step into an unknown future with faith. She shows us that by coming straight from the heart we can create miracles every day, in our everyday lives.
– Lucien Lewis, CEO. Win-Win Properties

Lynn’s is the story of a life in surrender and the beauty that unfolds when we are willing to say “we just don’t know.” Letting go of what we think we “know” is one of the most challenging mental shifts we will ever make in our life. It is good to be reminded of the magic that awaits us when we do.
– Angela Davis, Carita Paris, Territory Manager and Educator

Lynn Kirkham is an extremely inspiring and powerful speaker. She has the ability to engage her audience with both her words and her personal warmth. Hearing her speak is mesmerizing. Her words, rich with images and stories paint very vivid pictures and stimulate strong emotions. She has the ability to move and uplift large numbers of people. Not an eye was dry the day of her beautiful talk. Lynn brings the message of love, joy and faith to her audience and transforms mere words into powerful tools that all people can apply to their everyday lives.
– Audrey Collier, CEO Speech Language & Learning Pathways

Lynn’s talk was ‘over the top!’, and has a message to share that the world needs to hear. I’m now asking during my morning meditation “What can I do to serve today?” and have the courage to go inside and trust Spirit’s voice to take action on my dreams. I know through talking with many others that they were deeply moved and inspired as well. Lynn accomplished her goal–to give a talk that truly makes a difference.
– Carolyn Kellams, President, Kellams & Associates

Lynn Kirkham has a radiant and commanding presence. She skillfully holds the audience’s attention through her entertaining stories and delightful, heartwarming delivery. If you ever have the opportunity to be with Lynn and hear her speak, you are in for a real treat.
– Lisa Mansfield

You engaged the audience, you were funny, heart warming, you were vulnerable, the entire audience cried, including me, you had a message to deliver and everyone got it. Fabulous!
– Ron Haan

“As a speaker and a person, Lynn is completely genuine. She is warm, engaging, articulate, honest, open and vulnerable, humbly confident and authentic. She speaks and delivers a message from the depths of her heart-felt beliefs that reaches and resonates within each listener. Diverse audiences connect with her divine light, raptly attentive and follows her graceful movements as Spirit flows through her. Feedback is overwhelmingly positive, emotionally charged and full of love and gratitude.”
– Rod Ramsey, Executive Coach/CEO Search Consortium

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