Worth – Your Key to Success


The first step to becoming a confident, clear speaker is to know your worth. This is exactly why experiencing “Worth” is foundational to becoming a powerful communicator.

This engaging and fun three-hour introductory class will guide you to naturally show up with presence, purpose and learn what it takes to deliver a message that inspires.

Join the nearly 1,000 people who have gone through our trainings and have quickly and easily mastered the art of influential speaking by owning their self-worth first.

When you kick self-doubt to the curb and step into your worth knowing that you are a contribution, you will leave a positive, lasting impression wherever you go. Once you have this you’ll be excited to learn the skills to rock the house and have fun speaking anywhere – one-on-one, interviewing, social gatherings, networking events, pitching investors or even on a public stage.

If you’re ready to embrace your value, make meaningful connections and learn what it takes to stand out in the crowd, speak with confidence, and move any audience to action, then join us!

Please bring a journal, bottle of water and your smile.


You’ll leave knowing that your presence makes a difference. 


Choose Your Date:

Thursday, January 11th – 9:30am – 12:30pm
18 Arroyo View Circle, Belmont  

Sunday, January 14th – 2:00 – 5:00pm
Oakwood Mountain View – 881 E. El Camino Real, Mountain View

Bring a journal and a reusable water bottle.


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If someone said you could be transformed to become the speaker you’ve always wanted to be in less than a week, would you believe them? It’s true!  Lynn will teach you how to speak from the heart, make real connections with your audience, and deliver your message in a way that is most authentic to you. She will also show you the path to clearing your mind so that you are no longer a prisoner of your past, and you are given the tools to redesign your present and future.

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