Real People. Real Results.

"Lynn’s program is one of a kind. It’s transformative and inspiring and has set me in a new direction of success. Her program uses a positive approach, transformative tools, and coaching. I would recommend anyone that has the passion to go from good to great in both speaking and finding your leadership style to attend. Heartfelt thanks, Lynn."

~ Lorri BradyDirector, Global Internal Talent Advisory & Diversity, Oracle


"Inspiring is the first word that comes to mind when I think about Lynn. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lynn in her public speaking/CORE programs, and we all became much more authentic, confident, and entertaining while speaking in public. Above all, I’m impressed with Lynn’s ability to create a supportive and uplifting class to make everyone feel comfortable no matter what level they are. I highly recommend working with Lynn!"

~ Kyle Squarcia, Realtor, TEAMFAST


"Before working with Lynn, I wasn't sure that I had something to say that people wanted to hear or trust that I could confidently speak when I did have a thought to share. Lynn's online public speaking training was great! I learned lots of tricks and tips to get out of my head and deliver a message from my heart, with confidence. I learned how to connect with my audience too. What’s amazing is that instead of doubting myself, I now trust that others enjoy hearing my messages. Because of this program, I know that I will continue to become a greater contribution to the world."

~ Leah Aiyer, PharmD, BCACP Clinical Research


"I’m so pleased that Lynn was the official speaker coach for TEDxBerkeley. She came highly recommended by my curator. She’s a real pro and an absolute pleasure to work with. She is amazing at helping to bring out your best performance. This was a truly transformative experience for me. I highly recommend Lynn."

~ Fuji Lai, Founder Patient-Centered Engineering, Medical Robotics


"I was seeking ways to keep my skills sharp and improve myself (as I always do) when I found Lynn Kirkham’s virtual live program. During the program, I was surprised at how easy it became for me to get into the kind of flow that really moved my audience. I went from feeling like a very average public speaker to an exceptional speaker. Her program is dynamic and will certainly help you improve your speaking, whether it is a team meeting, a presentation to a group, or just a 1:1 conversation. Lynn is a great, passionate coach that will help you uncover your unique "Why You" every time you speak. You need to bring your authentic voice and Lynn Kirkham will help you find it."

~Thomas Addison, Director, Strategic Pursuit Practice, VMware


"I really enjoyed working with Lynn. Her bright energy easily transferred to me. The private sessions were great. We identified and released exactly what I needed so that I now feel confident to speak. The Level I and Level II classes were just wonderful too. I never thought I'd feel confident in front of any audience, especially with English as my second language, but I do. I've actually enjoyed giving three talks at large conferences and really feel proud that I was able to deliver my message well! Thank you, Lynn!"

~ Yujeong B., Post-Doctoral Researcher


"What’s amazing is that I now actually enjoy meeting new groups of people and creating personal connections with them! Before I met Lynn, I never liked public speaking or going to social gatherings. As an introverted business owner, I knew that it was crucial for me to get out there and network effectively in order for my business to thrive but I resisted it for years. Lynn helped me find my voice and confidence to speak in front of crowds too. She is the LIGHT that will bring SPARKLE into your life so you can reach your full potential!"

~ Phonethip Sritiraj, Photographer


"Lynn helped me as a speaker In the most profound and unexpected way. Enabling me to identify and let go of my fears that were blocking me from finding my voice is what really made the difference. After having watched YouTube video after video, article after article, I was about to give up and accept that I just wasn't good at public speaking. Then I found Yes You Can Speak, and Lynn has helped me turn a corner."

~ Elle Rustique, CEO & Founder at TipBrightly​

"There is a difference when you speak from a place of Truth, from a place of true connection. After just eight weeks of the Inspired Speaker Program, I can tell that it has impacted my life in many ways. I'm sharing this with you because so many of us struggle with speaking up and believing in ourselves. I know it takes effort, but it's worth it. It has been truly life-changing. I highly recommend this program!"

~ Guiselle Jimenez, Manager, Strategy and Transformation, VMware

"I no longer view public speaking as a burden or a fear, but rather as a great opportunity to meet others and share ideas. Lynn helped me identify the root causes of my nervousness surrounding public speaking and taught me several effective skills for instilling confidence within myself. I now recognize my own strengths and adjust my frame of thinking so that now I actually enjoy public speaking. She is an exceptional coach and leader."

~ Elana Olson, Software Engineer at Atlassian​

"Lynn is fabulous! Her sessions totally changed my speaking skills and also my life. Before working with Lynn, I was nervous about speaking in front of people, even in small meetings. I could not give a speech without memorizing a script. Now I'm capable of making eye contact and speaking without notes. More importantly, I am calm and poised and am not nervous at all. Not only that, I am confident in who I am, and believe in myself, knowing that I am more than enough."

~ Maiko Hiiragi, Organizational Change Management Lead | Senior Program Manager


"Lynn is a very inspiring and engaging speaking coach. As a Toastmasters Division B Director, I've attended the "Power of Connection" and "Impromptu Speaking Made Easy" workshops she facilitated for several local Toastmasters clubs. Everyone really enjoys Lynn's workshops and fresh perspectives on public speaking. They are always fun, interactive, and very empowering. Her methods are very relevant and immediately applicable to anyone who values the importance of effective communication. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned speaker, Lynn will give you techniques and practical exercises that will help you to become an even better communicator.

I participated in Lynn’s two-day Irresistible Public Speaking program after practicing public speaking with Toastmasters for three years. During her program, I really got that "content is irrelevant without connection." Observing numerous speakers at various Toastmasters clubs and contests, I have noticed that speech content is irrelevant without connection with the audience. But HOW can you connect? Lynn shows you HOW to stay connected with your message and the audience. She led us through exploring several best practices that connect. It was a transformational experience for me and everyone else in the room. We all became better speakers.

Lynn’s work is a great compliment to the Toastmasters program. One of the things I like best is that she helps people quickly desensitize themselves in front of the room and discover inner qualities that effectively connect them to others. After just two days I can much better control stress, and focus much more on the audience and delivering a great talk. Lynn creates a uniquely personalized and supportive environment that transforms people from the inside out. I highly recommend Lynn."

~ Dmitry Feldman, IT Consultant/Toastmasters Division B Director

"Shortly after I worked with Lynn, I went from speaking in front of our small group to speaking on a panel in front of 100 people, and I was such a successful speaker that several people came up to me afterward to thank me and network with me! This is huge.

Yes You Can Speak helped transform my life in many ways. Throughout my life, I had social anxiety to the point that I would be sick from school. It was truly disabling. As I got older, I pushed myself because I was taught that I should "just get over myself" and that "practice makes perfect," but even when I would lead lectures and study groups in college, practice wasn't making me perfect, and I still experienced horrible anxiety at work.

Lynn's program is truly remarkable because it is nothing like Toastmasters or other public speaking programs. Instead of creating an environment of blame or criticism that is all too common, Lynn's program creates a wonderfully uplifting environment that only celebrates accomplishments. Lynn also teaches unique and essential techniques that are not taught elsewhere.

I am so thankful I met Lynn because I have much less anxiety and have found the power of my voice. I am showing up for myself in ways I never believed were possible, and I am a more successful entrepreneur because of this."

~ Monique Marie DeJong, Imaginative Book Editor, Visionary Marketing Writer, Personal Brand Alchemist


​"After Level I and almost finishing Level II, my life changed dramatically. I realized I didn’t have to risk my health and creativity for a job that didn’t serve me. I managed to work out an arrangement that allows me to be happier at this organization, while also making time to pursue other passions that I’m now in the midst of turning into another income stream.

I’ve also been able to be more honest and real in communication with my loved ones and have seen relationships deepen as a result.

These workshops are so much more than just becoming a captivating speaker -you’ll learn all kinds of techniques for. It’s really about having the courage to answer your unique call. It’s about showing up fully in your relationships, career, and life with authenticity.

The inner work is not easy, but it’s through that discomfort that I was able to see why I was afraid of my voice. Only in the supportive space that Lynn so masterfully creates did I feel for the first time that this squandering voice was not mine. It had kept me down for so long and I was ready to let it go."

~Nicole Jones

"If you have trouble standing in front of tens, hundreds, and thousands of people, if you think you are not good enough, if you speak too fast on the stage, if you can't connect with the audience if you don't believe that you can get a standing round of applause, then this is a course for you.

You will come out believing in yourself, be able to connect with the audience, and feel comfortable on the stage with words flowing. This course fundamentally focuses on the foundation of public speaking so that you feel comfortable speaking on the stage anytime on any topic rather than preparing an introduction or ending message, or prepare for a particular presentation or what to present, or learning some magic tricks.

The reality is that if you feel comfortable on the stage, and can connect with the audience, the rest is just good slides and your domain knowledge on the topic. For all left-brained people, it may look awkward at first but just hang in there till the end of the session and you will see a remarkable transformation in yourself. I personally went from 1000 knots/hour to 10 knots/hour in my delivery speed and can connect with my audience significantly better."

~ Kamal Gupta, Sr. Engineering Leader


"I’m in awe of my experience with Lynn’s class; it’s transformative, rejuvenating, magical, and more. Lynn is unique in her ability to take a stand for you, just like she says she does until you are ready to step into your power. I am blown away by her fierce belief in me (and my classmates) as a speaker. I learned so much, beginning with how insanely full of self-judgment I was, which put me in fear whenever I had the spotlight on me, whether with one person or 20. The fear was drained completely out of me, and I am ready to speak up. Look out world! I keep referring people to Lynn, and I forever will, because she's the real deal. So don't think twice. Just jump in. You'll thank yourself."

~ Dafna Golan, Founder, The Mama Academy​

"This class went way beyond my expectations. In record time I was able to discover my talents and gifts as a speaker and captain of my own ship. Lynn creates a transformative space that brought forth the greatest expression of myself and everyone in the room. I now have much more appreciation for myself and all the resources within me to make the difference I’m meant to make. It also helped to give me the courage to let go of a business I’ve had for 15 years, and I feel great!"

~ John Roddy, Radiant Health Living

"Lynn is a testament to saying “yes” to life. I was immediately taken by Lynn's enthusiasm and interest in each of the attendees when I first saw her speak. She helped us all find our sweet spot in mastering communication. She is very experienced and we were all spellbound by her transformational life story, including the risks she took, which resulted in the most satisfying life experiences and career change.

She always advocates for positive, confident, strong, clear, connected, and enthusiastic communication, both within ourselves and with others. Her tools will enable all of us to create a successful future and easily say “yes” to opportunities that are right for us. I would most enthusiastically recommend Lynn for any large or small group speaking engagement."

~ Larry Staley, Optimal Business Consulting Services​

"On behalf of San Carlos Toastmasters (and personally), I wanted to thank you so much for your workshop last night, Lynn! It was energetic and energizing, heartfelt and practical, and a whole lot of fun. I know I personally got some “life” tips like “I don’t know what I’m going to say but it’s going to be great!" so I’m grateful. The workshop was a generous gift that you gave our San Carlos club. Thank you again."

~ Edna Wallace, San Carlos Toastmasters Officer


"I found my confidence, joy, and acceptance of who I really am, speaking, being, living, and laughing! This class is so empowering and I thoroughly recommend it to everyone! Thank you! Lynn, You are awesome! I will bring you with me as a mentor in my circle of confidence wherever I go."

~ Judy Wedekind


"Absolutely transformative! I now feel safe speaking my truth and being seen. Thank you, Lynn!"

~ Misha Steidel


"Check this out if you want to experience a new level of joy, bliss, and freedom while speaking in front of a group!"

~ Riikka Rajamaki

"Lynn, I feel so much gratitude for showing me how to shine brilliantly. You have a gift for blessing those who come to your class with your beautiful love, spirit, and wisdom. Thank you from the depths of my heart. You are special."

~ Stephanie Capodanno, CHTP, HTCP


"Lynn, thank you for being the light in the world you are. The Yes, You Can Speak! experience was wonderful. Not only am I more comfortable speaking to a group, but I had a number of realizations about myself, my passions, and especially how others view me. I experienced an opening of the heart and eyes too. I definitely want to be in another group with Lynn. She is gentle, and compassionate and her energy really helped us all get up in front of the room."

~ Suzanne Tremolada, Transformational Coach & Group Facilitator

"Best and most valuable class I’ve ever taken! AND I’ve taken a lot of classes!"

~ Linda McCourt, Tutor

"Amazing! Lynn’s work is about getting connected with yourself and showing up much better in your life, so you’re brave enough to speak for yourself in your authentic voice. I am now speaking up for myself authentically. I really enjoyed the safe, supportive interactions with Lynn, and the group dynamic with other women was awesome."

~ Aileen Jong, Director of Acupuncture Sciences of CA

"Lynn, I just want to say (again) what a wonderful experience your class has been. I have taken so many courses, explored so many ways to find my voice and become a better speaker and leader — and your class was IT. It was the magic wand I have been looking for. Hooray!!!"

~ Susan O’Connor, Writer


"In the past when I attended networking mixers or meetings, I always felt quite uncomfortable and uncertain with those I perceived as professionals. I always felt that ‘they’ were somehow better than me, especially doctors in lab coats. I thought if I had to speak in front of them they would not hear me or think less of me. It felt safer to say nothing at all.

After taking Lynn’s Level I workshop I was blown away to find that this is no longer the case. I’m shocked that I no longer feel uncomfortable or not good enough around anyone, and my insecurities are completely gone! Lynn’s class was nothing short of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! I’m finally becoming the person I’ve dreamed of and looking forward to participating in the Level II class!"

~ Laurie Rodriguez,


"After this course, I felt more confident leading workshops and speaking in groups and I healed parts of myself in ways I didn’t expect. I learned how to really claim my space in the world and step into my life with greater ease, confidence, and grace. Lynn really helped me reclaim and stand in my feminine power so that I move through the world as the brightest version of myself. Lynn really cares so much about her clients and I could feel her total support in allowing me to stand in my value. These skills will be with me for the rest of my life and I am eternally grateful for this powerful work! Thank you, Lynn!"

~ Kirsten Elise, Transformational Healing


"Best workshop on speaking EVER! This is so much more than a straight speaking class and is NOT Toastmasters. Lynn provided a safe environment for the class to learn and practice the tools and techniques to speak in front of others. She helped me find the confidence to stand taller when I walk into a room and believe in my voice. I loved every single part of these workshops!"

~ Cathy Ritter, Virtual Assistant to the Stars


"Lynn has touched my life immeasurably. She is a dynamic, generous, and inspiring teacher, with a gift for bringing out the best in people. When I was asked to write down the names of five individuals I admire, naturally Lynn was one of the five. She made each one of us in her course feel that we are gems, just like she is to us.

Giving lectures or presenting on a business level may come easily for some, but more difficult for others. Regardless, most of us have not learned how to relate and connect to each person in the audience on a deeply personal level. And that’s the gift Lynn imparts to her students – the gift that transcends personal or business interactions, reaping the rewards of love, understanding, and sharing in the human experience in which we all exist.

From the moment I met Lynn, she has made me feel special, like what I have to offer truly matters in the world. And that the world needs to hear my story because no one else can tell it the way I do. Not only does she teach you how to be fully present with your audience, but she also teaches you how to reach them deeply by being authentically yourself."

~ Amy Lau, The Success League

"This is so not just a public speaking class. A safe space is created where you can be your real self, discover that you have something to say, say and be totally received. There were countless opportunities to get up from my chair and “wing it” and discover the thrill of flying. Thank you, Lynn!"

~ Donna Marie Scheifler, Your Time to Blossom


"Prior to Lynn’s class, I said “no” to facilitating workshops. Now, I have a newfound self-confidence and actually jump at the chance to speak in public. I never thought this would happen to me! I highly recommend YES, YOU CAN SPEAK! If you don’t invest in yourself, no one else will. Just do it!"

~ Andrea Pond, Rotary Club of Foster City


"OMG! Lynn made a HUGE difference in my life. I am now able to speak in public comfortably and even accepted an invitation to be interviewed on a local French TV program and it was easy and fun! THANK YOU LYNN!!! This series will definitely transform your life!"

~ Tila Taine, Owner Radiant Electrolysis

"I completed the first level of Lynn’s very powerful public speaking class and have never felt more confident and excited to put everything I learned into practice. It is different from other speaking classes because she helps you discover the speaker that you already have within you, along with developing a personal strategy for success. I have spent over $5,000 in other classes and have never felt this certain about who I am as a speaker. I highly recommend Lynn’s program."

~ Naxielly Cordoba, Chiropractor

"I’ve spent years working on myself and after the Yes, You Can Speak! series, not only do I now feel much more confident and connected while speaking in public, but I am more focused and have a new sense of clarity in my life as well. This series has been the most encouraging, enlightening, and profoundly loving experience I have ever had."

~ Candace Harding, Color & Wardrobe Stylist


"If you are on this page, you probably need some support to speak effectively in front of a room. So you NEED to take this class!!! Lynn Kirkham’s awesome program goes way beyond public speaking. It is unique in that it combines the mind/body/spirit to give you a new sense of self in front of a room. It will transform, inspire, and motivate you to new levels in all aspects of your life. Privately, Lynn can identify the root cause of why you shut down or go into fight, flight, or freeze and assist you in letting it go so it no longer triggers you. She’s warm and caring and creates a very safe place for you to become your best self. I took this class after having taken other speaker trainings, and it made all the difference in being able to relax into my true voice."

~ Dr. Neesa Ginger Mills, Women's Creative Awakening


"After Lynn’s class, speaking is a very positive and rewarding experience. I feel a sense of certainty and inner peace which I never thought was possible. In the past, I used to worry for days before a presentation, wondering if my message and delivery were going to touch and move my audience the way I would like to. Now I don’t.

I now look forward to giving a talk because I am able to access a place of deep authenticity that creates a resonance with my audience. Many speaking classes are focused on critiquing to make you a better speaker. But Lynn’s program is the most nurturing and supportive class ever. Knowing that no matter what I did I could not fail gave me the courage and confidence to show up as my true self and to speak from my heart. This feels amazing!"

~ Mei Ling Liu, Transformation Coach

"For anyone who fears public speaking or simply seeks greater confidence in life, run don’t walk to Lynn Kirkham’s speaking classes! She is a true angel and her classes will transform how you think of yourself and feel in your own skin. Lynn teaches that speaking is an inside job and she expedites lasting growth quickly (unlike most). I’ve been a member of Toastmasters for 1.5 years, and while it’s been helpful, Lynn offered me a quantum leap in my progress as a speaker. Lynn gives you the tools to thrive as a speaker and creates a safe, supportive environment where everyone is affirmed and seen for who they truly are. These classes are game changers and the gift that keeps on giving. I give Lynn my very highest recommendation."

~ Holly Battey, PsyD, Find Love At Last

"Insightful, impactful, and 100% encouraging – Lynn’s talent and passion for speaking shines in her coaching work. We met as I prepared for a TEDx talk. Within our first hour together, Lynn helped me focus on key points and improve my confidence on stage. I watched her do the same for other speakers and saw major improvements to all of our talks based on her guidance. Her expertise measurably increased my impact and I look forward to learning more from her in her training sessions. I’m grateful to TEDx for introducing me to Lynn."

~ Ellen Petry Leanse, Author, Speaker, and Coach

"The results continue to amaze me. I believe the methodologies Lynn taught propelled me to the next level with my marketing skills. I landed a good job that I’m excited about and going forward I plan to use these communication tools during presentations, marketing, and sales situations. Lynn really hit the mark with professional advice on voice, speaking, posture, and more. I’m grateful for getting this great information at the perfect time."

~ Katie Creegan, Sr. Solution Program Manager at NetApp

"I had a life-changing experience because of Lynn’s Worth - Your Key to Success workshop, and I'm beyond excited to be taking her Level I & II trainings this spring. The work we did was heart-centered and powerful and exactly what is needed if you’re looking to connect with your Truth and speak from your heart. You will learn to touch your audience with your words and your presence, just like she does.

I noticed a big shift the next morning when my partner challenged me on something. Typically I would immediately feel myself getting smaller, begin doubting myself, and to keep the peace tell him he was right. Instead, I took up space, stood my ground, and felt strong, resolute, and therefore was respected. I honored myself and my truth regardless of his opinion. This would not have happened without this class! If you are ready to rewrite the story of your worth, stand in your value, and speak from your heart this work is for you. Thank you, Lynn!"

~ Maria Fendrick, Allign with Maria LLC


"Lynn's program is above and beyond Public Speaking training—and the foundation every communicator and speaker needs, whether you want to speak up in a meeting or present on the TEDx stage.

What makes it different is that it will change your relationship with yourself - your self-worth, confidence, ease with being seen, how you communicate, and your connection, forever. I wouldn't hesitate another minute if you are thinking about doing this program.

Nowhere else will you teach your mind AND body in TWO DAYS, how to speak with greater ease and authenticity than in the Yes You Can Speak trainings. And nowhere else will you learn how to become an “Improvisational Channel” so the words you speak really resonate with your audience. All this happens in such a short amount of time too.

In just a couple of weeks, this program will totally rewire your nervous system so you don’t get triggered and automatically go into fight, flight, or freeze—when you want to public speak or present, or have a big heart-to-heart.

I used to have a lot of performance anxiety and fear of judgment, and if I didn’t perform well I would dread losing credibility too. During my training in 2015, I experienced a huge leap in my self-confidence so that I could actually have fun when public speaking. It felt like a miracle. At first, I thought it was just my classmates and me who were exceptionally gifted at learning this unique work, but that wasn’t the case. My transformation was so extraordinary that I joined Lynn’s staff and became a trainer, and have since witnessed the same magic and miracles happening for everyone, every time. It’s like a SPARK ignites in you, making you an unapologetic speaker with an unforgettable presence. Thank you, Lynn! We ALL LOVE YOU!"

~ Klaudeen Shemirani, Communications Coach and Relationship Healer


"Lynn was incredibly helpful to me as a personal coach. More importantly, she is an inspiring example as a person and as a professional. She has helped me to grow personally and professionally through her expertise in communication and in helping me to find and understand my own true authentic voice. My life has changed dramatically and I am so thankful."

~ Joan Wrabetz, CEO/Consultant Renaissance Consulting Group

"I went from playing small to knowing I light up the room when I walk into it. My life is completely different and I'm much more alive. I now feel comfortable in my own skin and people respond to me completely differently now too! There is great strength in vulnerability. Thank you Lynn for your life-changing class!"

~ Angelyn Tuazon, Adams Street Partners

"The Inspired Speaker program is amazingly powerful, deep, and completely unique.

I used to struggle finding my voice in a heart-centered way when speaking in public. I run my own business and it prevented me from accepting speaking engagements so that I could grow. With the private CORE Repatterning sessions, I was able to identify and release the root causes of why I felt uncomfortable speaking. These sessions are super potent and I feel ten pounds lighter too!

Jumping into the classes after the sessions were great because Lynn taught our group fantastic strategies and tools to step into our confidence fast, and we built on my unique strengths as individual speakers. I love this program so much that my goal is to come back and assist others to make the same shifts as we all did!"

~ Sharmila Achayra, Integrative Health Coach


"Lynn’s class is a 10! For years the minister at my church has often called upon me to lead a meditation or speak to the congregation. Each time I felt nervous, ungrounded, and contracted. After the Level I class I was asked to lead a meditation and I felt the words I spoke filled with presence, calmness, and heart. I felt completely at ease, grounded, and loved every minute of it! WOW! I never thought that I could change how I feel about myself and be able to speak with confidence, knowing that who I am and what I have to say matters. This class was absolutely life changing!"

~ April Bruce, Health Coach


"It's thrilling! I am transformed. I came into Lynn's speaker/leader training absolutely incapable of giving a talk without the painstaking process of doing a lot of preparation in advance, writing it all out word-for-word ahead of time, memorizing it, and then feeling stiff and separate from my audience while delivering it.

Now I feel the freedom and confidence to be able to speak and connect with any group and trust the wisdom of my heart to "live stream" what's wanted to be said - in a way that's fresh, alive, and spontaneous.

Lynn's Levels 1 and 2 trainings are profound and inspiring. Her bottomless cheerleader spirit and the way she sees every participant with her ever-affirming sparkling eyes of God/dess indicates her mastery of the heart!

~ Jan Robinson, Multidimensional Pleasure

"I highly recommend Lynn Kirkham, and Yes, You Can Speak! She is an experienced and truly inspired public speaking and leadership coach and mentor. In her strengths-based courses, I overcame fears, truly connected with my audience, found my unique voice, and developed my own personal leadership style. It’s unbelievable, but now I am no longer afraid to speak in front of groups large or small, and currently facilitate a group of professionals that I would have never considered before, AND love it! No more sleepless nights worried that I won’t be a good enough speaker. I have much more confidence, know that I have value, and that what I have to say matters. I no longer allow fear of failure to derail me from pursuing anything I am interested in professionally or personally. This work has literally ignited my life in a multitude of ways."

~ Wendy Stokes, Founder and CEO at Sea Mist Consulting


"Lynn’s Level I class was fantastic! It really helped me to identify and learn about my values and emotions, and I feel so much more comfortable speaking in front of groups. I was able to get up in front of a group of 200+ last night and felt more comfortable than I have before in owning the stage. I highly enjoyed the camaraderie with other participants. I definitely want to keep utilizing all that I learned and continue to stretch myself."

~ Kathy Jacobson Battat, Marketing and Branding Leader


"Lynn's program is incredibly transformational and so helpful if you want to change your nervous system so that you will be able to stand in front of a group and deliver a message that you are proud of. Before this program, I spent so much time in my head overthinking what I was going to say. The pressure was so intense that I turned down many speaking opportunities. Every time I did this it reinforced me playing small. It's amazing because now I can trust that when I am connected to my audience the message will channel through me in a way that it can be received! This program is a 10!"

~ Emily Chui, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine


"I feel a miracle has happened inside of me and I have completely transformed through her coaching sessions and classes. Lynn is fabulous! Her sessions totally changed my speech skill and also my life. Before working with Lynn, I was nervous whenever I talked in front of people, even if at a small meeting, and could not give a speech without memorizing a script.

Now I'm capable of making eye contact and providing speeches without notes. More importantly, I am calm and poised and do not get nervous at all. I have become confident and now I believe in myself. I feel I am more than enough. My way of thinking changed from negative to super positive!

Thank you very much, Lynn. You are the best!"

~ Maiko Yagi, Senior Program Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment

"I am a Toastmaster member, and I will tell you this: with Lynn, you will get something you won't get even at the best Toastmasters club. Lynn will help you better understand yourself and discover what is holding you back from speaking your truth. She will help you connect with your natural strengths and let them shine while you are speaking.

Lynn will also teach you a great deal about public speaking strategies: speech organization, body language, eye contact, pauses, tone of voice, etc. You will get her personal attention and practical exercises vs. just generic principles you can read about in the books.

I also had several private sessions with Lynn to help me prepare for my professional speech at a digital marketing conference. Her extensive knowledge of business and marketing was extremely useful and helped make my speech advanced and digestible at the same time."

~ Polina Haryacha, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at

"When I had a big talk to give, Lynn helped me pull out important stories from my life that would make the presentation more impactful. When I sat down to figure things out on my own, I got nowhere. But with her insightful mind and extremely intuitive style, she zeroed in on something I could share. Not only that, but she modeled for me how to use a presentation style that completely lands with audiences. I highly recommend Lynn for help with public speaking."

~ Nancy Marmolejo, Founder, Talent and Genius

"I released a lot of fear about many things in my life that had been keeping me from saying and being who I really am. For me, Lynn’s biggest skill is helping people release the baggage that’s been keeping them from moving down the path of their personal spiritual evolution."

~ Frank De Martini, Franchise Owner, Juice Plus

"What an incredible, knowledgeable, and inspiring person Lynn is. I highly recommend her for speech and leadership courses, seminars, and workshops. She creates better speakers quickly and can help write a great talk too. And now she's dedicating a big part of her life helping at-risk women and girls who have aged out of the foster system to access their confidence and voice through her non-profit The Inspired Heart Foundation. Lynn, you rock!"

~ Monica May, Social Media Designer at Monica May Design

"I met Lynn a couple of years ago and was intrigued, but – I didn’t think ANYTHING could help me get over my fear of public speaking. I decided this was MY YEAR and would try! I started with her intro class and within 2 hours she had me up and speaking and CONVINCED! (And I’m a hard sell!) I just completed her Level I class and It’s been truly an amazing journey. Not only have I gained more confidence professionally, I’ve also changed personally with my interactions with family and friends. Plus I gained a whole new set of friends from her classes! Yes, I would absolutely take her class! Yes, I’m already signed up for another one!"

~ Carol B., Corporate Finance

"Lynn’s program is transformative, invigorating, and inspirational - so much so that I intend on helping her with classes in the very near future! I used to struggle to stand in front of a room and authentically connect. I diminished my own value and it was difficult to receive acknowledgments or applause. It’s different now. I get who I am as a person, that I am valuable, and that when I have a message to share, it’s worth hearing. Now I can be present and much more effective when I speak. The experience was so great that I can think of 100 people I will be sharing it with! Not only that but I will be helping her gift this program to women who have been forced into the world of trafficking. Wow! Thank you, Lynn!"

~ Kim Wilson Rakuten, Technical Recruiting Manager

"Lynn is a an inspirational leader and a fantastic public speaking coach! I attended Lynn's training two years ago, and am still using all of the techniques she taught me. She has inspired hundreds of charismatic leaders to connect with their audience. She's simply brilliant and magical!"

~ Sophie Zugnoni, Snowflake Computing

"After learning several simple techniques from Lynn, and inspired by how she uses them herself, I was able to enjoy speaking in front of a group for the first time in my life. And this after years of suffering and feeling empty. What is most amazing about Lynn is how she believes in you and stands for you, unconditionally. I see my strongest ally in her. She's never doubted for a single moment that I am amazing, creative, and a natural speaker.

In the short time that I have known her, Lynn changed my entire universe by making me believe in miracles around my voice. She sees the best in you, believes in you, and loves you for who you are. Just by being with her, you can’t help falling into full acceptance and appreciation of yourself.

I am certain now that only through fully accepting yourself can you gain your voice and speak potently from your heart. Lynn helps you on this journey of self-acceptance and claiming your power. Spending time with her is rest for my soul and I always feel empowered and capable of anything I want to accomplish. After her classes and a few private sessions where I “let go of the triggers,” I see myself as a beautiful, forgiving, strong woman, worthy of being seen and heard, and so much more.

Lynn is on a mission to empower people, to teach them how to let go of their fears and self-doubts and become the contribution they are meant to be."

~ Sveta Krasikova, Postdoctoral Researcher at UC Berkeley

"From dramatically improving my eye contact to eliminating my nerves, I'm now capable of standing in front of executives and sales teams as well as conducting high-pressure meetings with ease. In both Level I and II, "Yes You Can Speak" workshops take you through exercises that help break down perceptions that impede feeling empowered while speaking publicly.

Lynn's delivery is unique, deep, and thorough, but incredibly fun. I not only formed a deeper relationship with myself but also with equal-minded professionals. While most of the speaking workshops cover specific techniques that make you look and sound great, Lynn's workshops ensure you're consistently great no matter the situation. She designs her workshops to cut through the fat and achieve core mastery of connecting with your audience so that your material is delivered with relevance.

Lynn is unequivocally a mastermind behind tapping into each and every individual who desires to improve their public speaking, empowering them to lead by removing mental blocks that prohibit them from reaching and speaking their voice.

If you're really serious about mastering public speaking, you can't afford to not try at least her introductory class."

~ Andrea Neiman, Head of Product Marketing at Building Connected

"Lynn presented Seven Keys to Making a Great First Impression for a Phase 2 Careers' audience. She was an immediate hit with our group. She quickly created an engaging, learning environment through her interactive style. Her practical exercises of authenticity and being present helped to build confidence while improving communication skills. She is such a dynamic presenter! A must for any individual or group that wants to find and communicate their real voice."

~ Ron Visconti, Executive Director at Phase2 Careers

"Don't let the fear and anxiety of speaking to others hold you back any longer. There is a whole world out there waiting to hear from you and to connect with you in amazing ways. Learn to speak up and speak out and become your true, best self by taking Lynn's class. You will meet others in the class who share your fears and discomfort of speaking and they will become your biggest supporters and encouragers.

Lynn's class is truly life-changing. It's hard to describe the transformation that can happen in such a short amount of time. You really need to experience it to understand the power and magnitude of what it can do for you. You will hardly recognize yourself afterward. The growth is truly astounding!!!!"

~ Nanette Mickelsen, Lead Business Solutions Consultant

"Lynn is just fantastic. She has helped me to feel great about giving talks about my business and I now lead dynamic workshops that get rave reviews. For the last 3 years, she has been my business coach. I can't imagine not having her by my side. She has endless ideas about how to move my business forward, helps me with copy, creating meetup groups, marketing, speaking topics, done-for-you scripts, sales conversations that convert, outreach, and more.

Lynn's commitment to me is exceptional and I give her the highest recommendation!"

~ Niamh Mester, Lifecoach

"Lynn is a magician and anyone who takes her class is changed for the better! I was quite skeptical and took my sweet time before taking a class. Shortly after, I delivered a powerful talk that was very well received! Thank you, Lynn!"

~ Myra Nawabi, Sr. Project Engineer & Palo Alto Lean In Founder

"Before I went to Lynn Kirkham's Yes You Can Speak class I secretly lived in fear that I would bomb in front of an audience. That I would be 'found-out' to not know what I know simply because I felt so self-conscious and unable to focus on what truly mattered.

After just one day with Lynn, I was able to give my very next talk with fully embodied ease and confidence. I felt comfortable in front of the room and connected with each person in there. It is truly magical what Lynn is able to achieve with her clients, no matter the issue. She is absolutely chosen to do this work, and she does it with such love and commitment.

I highly, highly recommend Lynn Kirkham for any professional, CEO, or student whose message depends on their direct impact through speaking."

~ Petalyn Albert, Founder, Heart-Fueled Giants

"I met Lynn less than 24 hours before I was going to give a TEDx talk, and it’s hard to put to words just how grateful I am that she came into my life. Lynn is this shining presence who so graciously shared her time and expertise with me. She provided important and constructively critical feedback in the most kind, loving and supportive way possible. I learned more in maybe 40 minutes with her than I had in any/all other speaking training I'd ever done.

Lynn sees the absolute best in you and draws it out in a nurturing and beautifully cultivating way; she polishes you to the point where you reflect the absolute best in yourself and the message you seek to deliver. With her help you can speak from a place that shines with belief in yourself and your words; she believes in you so much that you cannot help but fully believe in yourself - and that translates into a powerful and impactful message. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

~ Jessica Hansen, Social Impact Manager at Lyft

"Lynn’s program is great for breaking down the barriers and getting to the root cause of why you aren’t able to speak at the level you are capable of. Before working with Lynn I struggled with low self-esteem, had too high expectations of myself, and was always very critical of all my talks. This caused me much stress and anxiety before and after a presentation.

After working with Lynn I have stopped analyzing my every step and instead look for and appreciate what I did right. I feel more comfortable in my own skin whether in front of a group or a large audience. Today, when I speak I “teach and inspire” instead of just “present,” and focus on how my audiences really receive my message."

~ Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom, Co-Founder at SpaceBase & International Space Consultants

"Yes You Can Speak is simply amazing and transformational! I have transformed in so many ways, especially with my confidence in myself. I also met a fabulous group of people to stay connected with and we cheer each other on. I highly recommend this workshop.

It will transform you into a confident, authentic speaker. You will find your true voice and shine! On a scale of 1 to 10, it's definitely a 10!!! Lynn is truly a gifted teacher and an inspirational leader. The workshop helped me quickly to find my voice and stand in my power. What's great is that I felt safe to be authentic and vulnerable too, which is the key to becoming a great speaker."

~ Cynthia Pavana, Product Strategy Director

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