Level I


Connect With Your Audience And Inspire Them

"Our program is completely out of the box, which is how we consistently achieve life-changing results.”

~ Lynn Kirkham, Founder, Yes You Can Speak


You're prepared. You've thought it all through. You're ready to share something meaningful with your audience.

And then...

Your words come out jumbled. You start sweating and forgetting. ​You're overwhelmed and feel that you'll never find your way through this moment. Ugh!

In the Speak Like a Pro training program, you’ll clear away those internal thought monsters —and learn to confidently and clearly convey your message online and in person.
~Brian Tracy

Through this journey to find your authentic voice, you'll :

  • Learn to connect deeply with yourself, your message, and your audience

  • Build courage and confidence to trust your voice

  • Be part of a community of mutual support where you will rise together

This is the training program that transforms awkward, terrified public speakers into successful presenters who enjoy the accomplishment of totally landing their messages one-on-one, in meetings or even on stage. We've seen it countless times with the hundreds of people who have walked through this process with us!

Here are some of the ways our new students describe the public speaking problems that they're ready to finally solve for good:


You’ll graduate from this program being comfortable in the spotlight (even enjoying it), able to connect with your audiences, make a great impression, and inspire them with your message.

We also promise:

  • You’ll stop freaking out when you think about your audience and instead find resonance like you would in a 1-1 conversation

  • You’ll learn multiple ways to let go of the jitters so you can speak with conviction

  • You’ll embrace your inherent value and feel comfortable in your own skin

  • You’ll find ease in slowing down and becoming a master of ‘the pause’

  • You’ll build on your natural strengths so others feel the best parts of you

  • You’ll be supported at every step by a tribe that “gets” you and fully accepts you

Through this journey to find your authentic voice, you'll :

We won’t critique or shame you in front of others. If you can Google it for free, you won’t learn it here. We won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. We won’t make you memorize a script or create a slide deck. We won’t count your “umms” or other filler words. We won’t bore you with outdated material you’ll never use. We won’t record and dissect a video of you speaking either.

How Can a Reluctant Public Speaker Become

Confident, Clear, and Captivating

in Such a Short Time?



Is an upbeat, experiential program that works.
We’ve had close to 5000 students and a 98% success rate.

After 15 Years,

We’ve seen that having multiple positive experiences in front of others (instead of judgments or criticism) will enable your self-confidence to soar. We’re unlike any other speaker training because we use non-traditional and cutting-edge neuroscience-based practices so you will have lasting effects that transform all areas of your life.

"We focus on your inner transformation, period."

When you are really seen, it ignites a
light that sparks your true potential.


So You'll Feel Comfortable in the Spotlight.

During each class,

you’ll have several opportunities in the spotlight where we’ll build on your natural strengths. And you’ll learn to receive and embody those strengths at your core when you speak so that you come across as authentic and genuine.

There will be moments of meditation, mindfulness, and out-of-the-box exercises that will enable you to understand yourself better and appreciate the qualities that make you special. Each time you speak in small groups, you’ll have a coach so you get personal and positive feedback that will inspire you to believe in yourself, because believing in yourself is key.

Instead of Speaking

about things that don’t matter to you, you’ll be asked questions so that you get to know yourself better and then naturally be able to advocate for yourself personally and professionally.

When you choose to know that your ideas are worthy of being heard, those in your audience will reflect that back to you.



Every positive step you take,

will be reinforced within your mind and nervous system in multiple ways, weaving your senses together through visualization, positive feedback, and body dynamics.

It’s an immersive, dynamic step-by-step program to take you from fear to confidence. We hope you’ll join us.

Some Examples of this Include:

  • Neuroscience-based exercises to reprogram your nervous system and create new positive habits

  • Guided visualization practices designed to calm and strengthen your voice

  • Mindfulness techniques that will enable you to have clarity of thought

  • Keys to accepting and freeing yourself from habitual criticisms that inhibit your success

  • An introspective, supported journey to discover what makes you special

  • Training on how to stay connected to yourself and others

  • Tips on how to make an impact over Zoom video

  • Practices to become a powerful in-person communicator

  • The secrets to speaking from your heart and actually enjoying impromptu speaking

  • Multiple ways to let go of the jitters before you speak

  • Exercises to ignite and strengthen your commitment to show up for your audience no matter what

  • Multiple positive speaking experiences in front of small groups during each session

  • Uplifting support from one of our many extraordinary coaches each time you speak


4 sessions, 4 hours each, 4 consecutive weeks with an optional 30-minute Q&A and laser-focused coaching time with Lynn Kirkham as a bonus.

Throughout each class, you’ll alternate between small-group breakthrough sessions with one of our trained coaches, who will guide and support you ~ and large-group sessions led by Lynn, who is always there to ensure you feel supported in whatever way you need.

During the group training, you’ll have unlimited access to Lynn Kirkham via text or email, and a private online supportive chat for sharing wins and success stories between classes.


Speak Like a Pro




10:00 am - 2:00 pm PST

September 7, 14, 21 & 28


About Level I or Any of Our Other Programs?

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Together we’ll identify and clear memories and defense mechanisms that hold you back from being your most confident and authentic self. Eliminate the root causes of your public speaking and social anxiety fears for good. Your past vulnerable and embarrassing moments are holding you back and together we can release them.

Lead Like a Pro


Expand your executive presence and personal brand, and confidently own any room. Deliver your message to audiences large and small, and handle impromptu questions with ease. Ignite your leadership presence to empower you and bring out the best in those around you.



This program will elevate your business, mission, and leadership. We will help you design and deliver the talk that you are meant to share with the world.​

First you’ll build a solid foundation, with the principles and skills in the three-month Inspired Speaker Program.

Public Speaking for ESL


Learn to make powerful audience connections with your current vocabulary and accent. Many of our students are ESL and you’ll be surprised how the Inspired Speaker Program will give you all the confidence you need to get your message across with ease and feel good enough to speak and be heard.


A few common questions we get from people looking to join.

Why Join Yes You Can Speak?

Most speaking programs have an outside-in approach, which will never permanently shift the fear response in your brain. On the other hand, the Yes You Can Speak method is an inside-out approach, which uncovers and releases triggering past experiences, limiting beliefs and behaviors that sabotage you. We then help you to reprogram your nervous system so that being in the spotlight and speaking well becomes second nature.

Why not join Toastmasters instead?

Toastmasters is a fantastic organization that gives you a place to practice public speaking. They will teach you how to structure and memorize a speech. But if you've got a lot of fear, it may take years and years to feel comfortable. Once you have a strong foundation and get past your fear, Toastmasters is a fantastic place to practice.

For more info, see our Pros & Cons of Toastmasters page.

Must I speak in the training?

You will never be forced to speak if you don’t want to. We pride ourselves on creating a super safe and supportive environment so that you will actually want to participate as you are building your courage and natural presence. You can’t fail here and we will be by your side every step of the way so you cross the finish line with a confident smile.

How is YYCS different from other public speaking programs?

We employ a strategic step-by-step system that uses neuroscience to release patterns in your brain that cause stage fright.

Most speaking programs use an outside-in approach, which we believe will never permanently shift the fear response in your brain, body, or nervous system. These programs focus on critiquing you in front of the group, reinforcing the feeling that people will always judge you. So we don't do that, and direct our attention instead to building on your strengths.​

The Yes You Can Speak method is an inside-out approach that uncovers and releases triggering past experiences, limiting beliefs, and sabotaging behaviors. Since research indicates that 90 percent of human behavior is subconscious, this part is essential because if you don't address it, the patterns of staying quiet or having continual self-doubt may never go away.

We then help you to reprogram your nervous system so that being in the spotlight and speaking well becomes second nature.

Powerful meditative and experiential exercises will help you to access your inner wisdom, tap into your purpose and illuminate who you are meant to be in the world.

How are the Level I and Level II group trainings structured?

Both the Level I and Level II trainings are online and four weeks each. Class meets for 3 ½ hours once a week, during which you will have multiple positive experiences in front of small groups. The curriculum includes meditations, self-reflection, and lots of ways to build your resilience, let go of the jitters and step into your authority and your heart.

You'll have unlimited access to Lynn so that you are sure to get the results - plus a huge bonus of warmth and support from the community between sessions to reinforce the teachings and keep reigniting your light.

Are you going to teach me  how to make slides and structure talks?

We do not teach how to create slides or structure talks because you can look all that up online for free. Instead we focus on your inner transformation, period.

Being able to speak without fear is our promise, no matter who is in your audience.

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